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Celebrating The Life Of Sharon Durham

Sharon was born in Saskatoon, to Thomas and Annette Durham on April 15, 1967. She went to high school in Melville and graduated in 1985. Sharon was active in sports and various activities and was successful in track and field.

Sharon was NOT afraid of work. She worked at the Turbo Gas Station in Melville, a restaurant in Cold Lake, Alberta, and a bar in Melville. She worked hard at the family cabin and enjoyed every minute of it: well, maybe not every minute. When Sharon moved to the farm she built flower beds, cleaned up the yard, fed the cows, the cats and loved every second of it. Oh and speaking of cows, Sharon sure enjoyed them. She even had favourites, Patches being one of them. Sharon took on the farm chores with no complaint and if she could make things better for them or anyone, she did.

Sharon's greatest joy Austin, born in September, 1993. Soon after his birth, Sharon decided a career change was necessary and enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Course in Regina. She graduated with honors and received many awards and recognition. We are all so proud of her.

Sharon began her hygienist career at the Broadway Dental Clinic in Yorkton and commuted from Melville for many years. Her life in Melville was full; she was busy raising her son, helping her parents, working full time and enjoying her down time with friends, family and at the cabin.

In 2011 Sharon met Chris Halldorson, who became the love of her life. In 2013 she moved to the farm north of Mozart. With this move, her employment changed to the Foam Lake Dental Centre. Throughout her career, many lifelong friendships were forged.

This beautiful soul was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. With Chis by her side, they battled this horrible disease for almost 5 hard years. Despite her struggles, Sharon was not defeated and fought bravely, lovingly supported by her family, friends and community. Living her life the way she wanted to was a priority for Sharon and she did that with grace, dignity and perseverance. She retained her funny sense of humor and loved to have fun. Her laugh, her fun spirit, her joie de vivre was a constant throughout.

Sharon Dehlia Durham, 56 of Mozart lost her valiant battle with cancer on Saturday, April 6, 2024, at the Wynyard Union Hospital. Sharon was held up with love and compassion by her beloved husband Chris, surrounded by her family, as she was gently guided and encouraged to go and be with her sister Donna, and her brother Brian.

Sharon was very creative and enjoyed many hobbies; crafting, gardening, fishing to name a few. Sharon spent as much time at the family cabin as she could. She would spend hours in the canoe or kayak at Singush Lake, taking in the beauty of the forest, the quiet solitude of the lapping of the water on the boat, the mournful cry of the loons and just being with nature. Sharon started fly fishing with her Dad and friend Dave and got hooked. She also enjoyed the fishing and was recognized as a master angler with the Manitoba Anglers Association. Sharon was very active in the Mozart community. Sharon quickly developed many friendships and there were many fun, funny and happy memories from the activities and time they spent together. Sharon always talked fondly of her time spent with her friends. Making friends and nurturing those friendships came naturally to Sharon.

Sharon is survived by: her husband Chris Halldorson of Mozart; her son Austin Durham; her parents Thomas and Annette Durham; siblings Mervin(Rena Stewart) Durham , Brenda(Jim) Tryhuba, Dale (Tracy) Durham, brother-in-law, Brant Gyug, as well as many extended family .

Sharon was predeceased by her sister Donna Dyug, and her brother Brian Durham and numerous extended family members.

Memorial donations may be made to Kinsmen Telemiracle, at 2217C Hanselman Court, Saskatoon, SK, 57L 6A8 or Mozart Centennial Hall, P.O. Box 55, Mozart, SK, SOA 2S0

Celebration of Life

2:00 p.m.

Friday,April 12, 2024

Mozart Centennial Hall

Mozart, SK

Those wishing to send cards

of caring & sympathy

may send them to

The Family of Sharon Durham

P.O. Box 2

Mozart, SK S0A 2S0

In lieu of flowers donations in

memory of Sharon may be forwarded to

Mozart Centennial Hall

P.O. Box 55

Mozart, SK S0A 2S0


The Kinsmen Foundation

2217C Hanselman St.

Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A8

Obituary of Sharon Durham | Narfason's Funeral Chapel & Crematorium (2024)


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