The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1300 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Punishment Train(Cinder Fall and Glynda Goodwitch from RWBY)
Cinder Fall had been tied up. Glynda Goodwitch straddled her hips and she breathed in pleasure.Cinder’s eyes widened as Glynda ran a hand down her neck and towards her navel. Cinder could feel her fingers getting closer and closer to her nether regions, the tease only increasing.

“Not yet,” Glynda said. “We need to punish you.”

She turned around, to face the strapping handsome young man before her. Hadrian Peverell, the Dragon, approached her. His co*ck was at the ready as it pushed between her lips. Glynda swallowed his impressive rod and allowed him to slip down into her throat. Glynda’s eyes flashed open, the pleasure only increasing. She made a production of swallowing his co*ck and sucking on it.

“Prepare me to punish this woman.”

Cinder just twitched and she could feel a warmth pressing through her body. Hadrian grabbed Glynda by the back of her head and started to f*ck her face. It was a sign of things to come. And Cinder could not say she hated it.

Hadrian gazed down into Glynda’s eyes while filling her mouth repeatedly with his co*ck. His rod speared deeper and deeper into her throat and made her moan as he shoved more of his length down her throat. She let out another couple of hungry moans as he buried himself further down into her throat. Glynda just breathed heavily and moaned hotly. Hadrian slammed deeper and deeper inside of her mouth. Glynda just let out another moan as Hadrian rapidly f*cked her mouth. His balls slapped her a couple more times and made her moan.

“Almost there,” Hadrian groaned. “Time for you to get your reward.”

Glynda coaxed the cum out of Hadrian by groping his balls. Hadrian thrusted in and the sheer force made Glynda cum as well. Hadrian launched spurt after spurt of his hot seed down into Glynda’s open mouth. She tilted her head back and enjoyed a hot load as it filled her throat.

The second Hadrian pulled out, Glynda crawled on top of Cinder. She made sure to molest every inch of the captured woman’s body. Then Glynda rose up and drove her tongue deep into Cinder’s mouth. Cinder just let out a hot moan as that tongue slipped deep inside of her mouth from above. Oh, it felt like paradise, with that tongue driving deeper inside of that mouth from above. She just moaned when that tongue worked its magic against her, the two going lip to lip with each other, making out immensely and hotly.

Hadrian spread Glynda’s legs and pushed the tip of his co*ck against her opening. Glynda shook and twitched. Harry revealed her gorgeous breasts and squeezed them. He made sure Cinder was looking up.

“A preview of what’s to come.”

Hadrian wasted no time to go in for the kill. He buried his co*ck deep into Glynda’s puss*. The cradling of her breasts sent a jolt through her body. Hadrian followed through by thrusting deep inside of her. Glynda just let out another couple of moans and Hadrian pushed deep inside of her. She let out another cry.

“Oooh, I need….”

Glynda gagged Cinder before she should say much more. Glynda’s moans filled Cinder’s ear. The heat only increased the deeper Hadrian shoved his rod deeper inside of Glynda’s wet snatch from above. The sounds of slapping flesh echoed throughout the room. Hadrian pushed deeper and deeper inside of her, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. His rod just kept filling her body and ensured she tightened around him. Hadrian pulled her back and let her climax hard for him, moaning when he buried his co*ck down inside of her.


Glynda did, her puss* tightened around Hadrian’s impressively thick co*ck. He rammed it deep inside of her and worked her to a finish. Glynda shook hard for Hadrian when he rode her and made her explode for her. She let out another cry and moaned when erupting for him. Glynda had three org*sms before Hadrian pulled away.

“Take a taste, Cinder.”

Cinder opened her mouth wide and got Hadrian’s co*ck down into her throat. The eyes of the dark-haired woman just widened when Hadrian pushed deep inside of her. She submitted completely to Hadrian. Hadrian pushed his rod deeper and deeper inside of her mouth, making her moan when he thrusted his co*ck deeper inside of her throat. Cinder swallowed his co*ck when he pushed down into her throat. He grabbed her hair and pushed down, making her throat just expand and release his co*ck, blowing on him when he thrusted deeper inside of her mouth.

“Very good.”

And then Hadrian pulled out of her and Cinder just looked at him. Lust burned through her eyes. Hadrian ran his hands down her body and stripped what little clothes she wore. She was naked and burned underneath his touch. In more ways than one.

“I know you want this,” Hadrian said.

“Please, sir,” Cinder breathed. “Stuff this naughty slu*t with your co*ck. I’ve been a bad girl, and I need to be punished…Daddy.”

Well, she said the magic word. Hadrian pushed his rod deep into Cinder’s hot box. Her heat was scorching as she surrounded Hadrian when he entered her from above. Inch by inch, he pushed into her until she was losing it for his touch. Hadrian slipped a hand down her body and ensured she was shaking hard for him, moaning as he touched her body with each thrust.

“Mmm, let me put that mouth to a better use.”

Glynda lowered herself down onto Cinder’s face and Cinder had been forced to lick her puss*. Glynda watched, with glee, Hadrian plunging deeper inside of Cinder. Each thrust brought that co*ck further and further inside of her from above. The loud slaps echoed throughout the room and made her moan when he thrusted deep inside of her. She let out another org*sm, her puss* erupting for her.

Hadrian groaned and pushed into that super snug puss*. Every thrust brought him deeper and deeper into her hungry twat. He leaned in and thrusted down. Cinder worked her hips up and down, sending his body jolting against hers. He pushed down and with another plunge, rammed deep inside of her from above.

“Cum for me, Cinder.”

Cinder did, tightening her wet puss* around Hadrian’s co*ck. She let out a cry as Hadrian’s finger, moistened by Glynda’s lips, worked into another hole. Her tight asshole had been slipped with that skilled finger. Three pumps drove deeper inside of her and made her moan, breathing in pleasure from behind. Oooh, she breathed and pushed down inside of her, from behind as he thrusted deep inside of her.

“Cinder,” Hadrian said. “It’s time.”

He untied her, but Cinder was still bound by his power. And her ass cheeks were about ready to swallow up his co*ck. Hadrian leaned in and thrusted deep inside of her. She let out a hot cry as that rod pushed deep inside of her from above, driving deep inside of her and stretching her asshole out when he buried deep inside of her. Cinder’s eyes just bugged out when he thrusted deep inside of her and filled her up.

Cinder could feel it. The sounds of flesh slapping when he shoved his co*ck deeper into her hungry asshole from behind. Hadrian pulled out of her and shoved his impressive rod deeper inside of her. He stretched her asshole out and made her just lose it for him. The thrusts only increased when he buried his rod deeper and deeper inside of her, stretching her out.

Glynda, now with a strap on, pushed into Cinder’s wet snatch. Hadrian and Glynda just lost themselves in plunging into Cinder’s holes. And Cinder lost herself. They toyed with her body.

“You belong to us, Cinder Fall.”

Oooh, if this was her fate, then she would surrender herself for it. Glynda and Harry filled those holes and shoved deeper inside of her. She let out another cry, and breathed in pleasure. Hadrian buried himself as deep into Cinder as he could manage, her asshole tightening up against him. He just groaned and lost it. He nutted deep inside of her arse and ensured that splatter after splatter of seed filled her when he erupted deep inside of her. Cinder tightened her walls around his co*ck and ensured that his seed spilled deep inside of her from above. She prepared to milk him and ensure every last drop had been drained from his balls, into her tight ass from behind.

The second Hadrian pulled out, Glynda dove into Cinder’s asshole and licked the treat out. And she prepared herself to be similarly taken by Hadrian. Hadrian reached in and prepared to take her.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1300 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1300 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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