The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1302 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Working Up a Sweat(Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed)
Phoebe Halliwell did some squats and brought herself straight to the ground. The third eldest sister just smiled when she saw her husband, Harry Potter, standing in the doorway, and admiring her in the tight yoga pants she was wearing. Her sports bra clung to her upper body as well.

“Hello, babe,” Phoebe cooed in his ear. “Glad you’re here. We can work up more of a sweat now that you are.”

Harry was glad to hear that, although he barely could say a single word before Phoebe crossed the room and slammed her lips down onto his mouth. The makeout session just occurred, with Phoebe’s mouth pressing down onto his. Harry felt up her gorgeous body as she stroked him and could feel him.

“Mmm, a nice iron bar for me to work with,” Phoebe said. “May I?”

Harry closed his eyes and nodded vigorously. Phoebe had his co*ck out of his pants and into her mouth. Her lips pressed down and slipped his manhood straight into her throat. Phoebe just hungered for him, bringing that co*ck all the way back into her throat, moaning when her mouth slipped all the way down onto him. Harry just looked down onto her gorgeous eyes.

“Great neck strength.”

Phoebe gobbled up every inch of Harry’s rod. It pushed into the depths of her throat. He grabbed her head and kept thrusting deeper and deeper. Phoebe just moaned extremely loudly as Harry grabbed her face and started to hump it as he drove his rod down into her throat. Phoebe just edged him, her lips smacking down against hiim as he pushed into the back of her throat. Phoebe looked up at him, hunger burning through her eyes when he plunged into the back of her throat. Thrust after thrust drove his imposing manhood dwn into her tight throat. Phoebe leaned all the way in and with another hungry slurp, brought that co*ck deep into the back of her throat.

“Time to get your daily dose of protein.”

And with that, the third eldest Charmed one worked on it. Harry gripped the back of Phoebe’s head and with another thrust, he erupted down into her throat. He just plunged deep inside the back of her throat and filled up her throat with more nut butter. Harry plunged deeper inside of her mouth and let her throat just expand, sending a further jolt through the back of her throat.

Harry pulled back and Phoebe pushed him onto his back. She pulled her pants down and aimed her puss* at his tongue. She rose up and down, performing squats at Harry’s able tongue. Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed that sweet puss* lowering at his mouth.

The secret weapon of Harry Potter was his tongue. It vanished deep into Phoebe and made her twitch like mad. Her puss* squirted for him and he dove deep inside of her mouth. Phoebe gasped and breathed in pleasure when he tongue f*cked her. And she leaned down, to lick her co*ck. The two lovers sixty nined each other and smiled.

The moment Harry pulled out, he put Phoebe on her back. Harry slid his co*ck into her and she started to do sit ups, and Harry groped her every time she performed it. When Harry pushed deep inside of her, Phoebe just cried. He pulled off her sports bra and let her tit* roam free. Harry channeled magic through them and rubbed them hard. Phoebe bit down on her lip and let out a cry.

“Yes…babe…touch me…right there.”

Phoebe kept rising up and thrusting down into her. Each thrust brought his co*ck deeper inside of her and stretched her, making Phoebe just moan as he filled her up from above. Harry kept thrusting inside of her and driving this woman completely wild with pleasure. He kissed down her neck and sent a jolt down through her body.

Phoebe closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of that co*ck filling her up. She rose up and took things to the next level.

Now she did squats on his co*ck while he lied on his back. Phoebe also worked her kegels around him and squeezed his co*ck. The beautiful witch just bit down on her lip and made her cry out in pleasure. She let out another cry, thrusting deep inside of her when he buried deep inside of her.

“Closer, closer,” Phoebe moaned.

“Yes, cum for me.”

Harry groped her breasts and found her pleasure points. He channeled magic through Phoebe’s delicious tit* and it had been something else. The handsome hero just closed his fingers against her nipples and made her jolt with an electrified feeling through them.

“Damn….always something,” Phoebe breathed in pleasure.

Harry decided to keep groping her. The workout was over, although in some ways it had just begun. The two skilled magical users worked against each other. Phoebe showed how adept she was at mastering a staff as it disappeared into her body.


Phoebe just rose and dropped. She could feel that co*ck slam down inside of her body. Inch by inch it disappeared inside of her until she lost it completely. The wizard beneath her groped her and made Phoebe lose it. She picked up the pace and really felt the burn.

org*sm after org*sm hit her. Phoebe tightened her wet box around him. Harry pulled her back, closer to make her moan. He thrusted down inside of her and kept escalating things for her. Phoebe’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she reached the tipping point with another org*sm. Phoebe bit down on her lip and lost her mind for him, gushing hard around his co*ck.

Then it was Harry’s turn. Harry kept filling her up until his balls tightened and he exploded. He buried an immense amount of nut deep inside of her body. The thrusts buried Harry deeper inside of her and he nutted inside of Phoebe. He filled her puss* with so much cum it was almost obscene.

The handsome hero finished emptying his load inside of her and he made Phoebe lose it for him, when he erupted inside of her. She fell down onto him with a big smile.

“A little break before we keep working those muscles,” Phoebe murmured.

Harry just pulled her into a hot snogging session. Yes. he was game for it.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1302 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1302 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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