The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1303 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Something to Prove(Hannah Waddingham)
“Mmm, these young slu*ts can’t appreciate the true value of being in a relationship with a man as powerful…and handsome as you.”

Something about older women, they had something to prove. Perhaps they thirsted to prove they could hang with the younger woman. The stunning buxom British actress known as Hannah Waddingham had something to prove for sure. She slipped a hand down Hadrian’s pants and began to toy with him. His length throbbed as she teased and tested him, bringing his co*ck forward into her hand as she kept teasing him. Hannah leaned in and stroked his manhood, looking as it rose to the occasion.

“I think I better take care of that.”

“Be my guest.”

Well, Hadrian was not going to say no, as his co*ck came out to play. Hannah leaned in and licked the tip of his co*ck, swirling it around his manhood. She leaned in and those juicy lips surrounded Hadrian’s co*ck. So she wanted to play, well Hadrian would let it go. He sent a swirl down her body and pushed into Hannah’s throat, opening it up for more and more of his co*ck.

She pulled back and licked him.

“Go ahead and use my mouth as your own personal f*ck toy, honey,” Hannah said with a naughty lick on his co*ck.

That encouragement made Hannah lean in. She let out another moan as she slurped him. The face f*cking continued to escalate as Hadrian pushed deeper and deeper inside of her mouth. He grabbed her head and plunged down between her lips, making her moan as he pushed deeper into her throat. Hannah lowered her lips up and down on his co*ck and sucked him hard.

She leaned in and sucked on Hadrian’s impressive co*ck. He leaned forward and met her, stuffing his manhood deep inside of her mouth. Hannah let out another moan, sucking him off. He leaned in and buried his co*ck deep inside of her mouth, edging those lips around his co*ck. Hadrian leaned in and buried his rod deeper inside of her. Hadrian let out another cry and moaned when he thrusted deeper and deeper inside of her. Hannah leaned in and pushed deeper and deeper inside of her, making her cry when he pushed down into her tight throat from above.

She pulled back.

“Tough guy, mmm. Well I’ve got just the thing in mind.”

“Something tells me I’m going to like what you have to offer.”

With another motion, Hannah decided to unleash the big guns, her tit*, and wrap them around Hadrian’s pole. Hadrian leaned in and pushed his co*ck deeper in between her cleavage. Hadrian leaned in and thrusted down inside of her, groaning as his co*ck drove deeper and deeper to the finishing point. He could feel his balls tightening as he edged closer. Hannah looked determined to make him blow.

“Go ahead,” Hannah said. “Blow a big nut on my tit*. Paint them with your beautiful spunk. Oooh, cover me like the filthy, cum-addicted whor* that I am!”

These words sent Hadrian over the top. He popped and blasted a huge load over Hannah’s tit* and face. She leaned in and milked every last drop of cum out of those balls. They splashed against her face, coating her when she leaned in. Hannah leaned in and moaned when his cum fired at all of the right points all over her. Hannah let out another cry when she tightened and released around his co*ck.

The second she pulled away, Hadrian now bent Hannah over the edge of the coffee table and exposed her puss*. His tongue drove into her and he feasted on her. His tongue leaned in and he pushed down into her. He pushed that tongue down into her and worked her, making her cry in pleasure. Hadrian’s skilled tongue worked back and forth into her, making her lose it for him when he teased her to the edge. Hadrian leaned in and tongued her, tasting her when he made her explode hotly for him. He brought her to the edge and finished her off, reducing her puss* to a dripping mess.

“I need you to f*ck me, Director.”

Hannah begged for it and Hadrian knew he had to give it to the older woman. And she could still get it, hard. The Dragon pushed deep inside of her and made Hannah lose it completely. Hadrian edged deep inside of her and reduced Hannah to a quivering mess as he rammed his co*ck deep inside of her.


Now things were really intensifying. Hadrian leaned in and pushed down into her. The sounds of flesh echoed and slapped. Hadrian leaned in and plunged deeper and deeper into Hannah, rattling her as he pushed down into her. Hadrian pulled back on her and sucked the side of her neck, making her moan as he touched her. Hadrian pushed deeper and deeper inside of Hannah and made her cry in pleasure.

Those moans escalated through the room and Hadrian smashed deep inside of her. He had Hannah bent over and was teasing her, vigorously sliding his fingers against her tit* and tempting her. She lost it, practically shaking from his touch as he edged inside of her. Hannah let out another hot cry and moaned for the heavens as he slammed deep inside of her. Hannah tightened her walls around Hadrian and released him, moaning as she erupted around his co*ck.

Hadrian picked up the pace and edged deep inside of her. Hannah’s walls tightened around him when he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. His hands worked their magic and sent a thrill through her body. Hadrian’s balls kept slapping against her and stirring her up. He inched down against her and made her explode for him.

“Oooh, f*ck, you’ve got to be getting closer.”

“Maybe if you’ve earned it.”

One more push and Hannah earned it. Hannah clung onto him with the eagerness of a woman half of her age. A big creampie which coated her puss*. The Dragon edged inside of her and she milked him, eyes rolled into the back of her head.

The sweet sensation of release visited Hadrian as he finished pumping her full of his hot cream.

“Mmm, we’re going to have to do that later,” she breathed.

Oh, yes, they were. Once was never enough for the Dragon.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1303 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1303 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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