The Breeding Ground - Chapter 269 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Discreet(Pansy Parkinson from Harry Potter)

A loud squeal comes from Pansy Parkinson when she's hurled on the bed. The front of her uniform top is torn off with a green bra poking out. Her skirt is rolled up and her stockings are sliding about her leg. Shoes fly off on the floor as the hands of her partner are all over her. He's grabbing every inch of her body, chest, ass, legs, and then smashing his lips onto hers with a dominating kiss. Pansy's mouth opens wide to accept his tongue into her mouth. The two lovers fight for domination with Harry Potter winning the battle one hundred percent of the way.

She chokes on his tongue, with Harry grabbing the back of her head. Pansy enjoys his fingers gripping and squeezing her jaw as he forces his tongue into her mouth and down her throat. Pansy holds onto the back of his hair and kisses him even more deeply.

"You were asking for it all those years, weren't you?"

His co*ck's now out of his pants. Twelve inches of prime magical meat slaps Pansy hard across the face which leaves both a small bruise and a smear of her makeup. Harry stands in from of her and swings his co*ck. It smacks her on the mouth.

"Yes, Potter, I'm asking for your co*ck," she tells him. "A slu*t like me needs a big co*ck like yours to make her whole again. And to fill her holes."

Harry grabs Pansy by the back of her head and forces his co*ck down her throat without any warning. He chokes Pansy out with his throbbing hard co*ck. Her mouth stuffs full as Harry pulls back and then drives himself into her. He repeats the thrusts while burying himself deep into Pansy's throat. Pansy opens up her throat to take as much of Harry's co*ck as possible down it.

"Mmm," Pansy moans around his co*ck.

Her hands grip Harry's back ever so slightly and take a throbbing thrust down it. His balls smack against her chin as Harry keeps working himself deep into her throat.

"You are a natural born co*ck sucker. You're nothing but a stupid slu*t who is born to have a co*ck rammed down your throat."

Her loud pops continue to increase in volume and frequency. Pansy loves co*ck down her throat and she cannot get enough of Harry. Harry rams her mouth with his co*ck. Her eyes bulge out the deeper Harry crams her throat with his hard co*ck.

Harry holds onto the back of Pansy's head and uses her throat to pleasure himself. His massive meat missile rises and falls to ram down Pansy's throat. Her tongue brushes him several times. Harry works the back of her head and face-f*cks her.

Pansy holds onto his ass and enjoys the feeling of a good big co*ck driving down into the back of her throat. He pulls out of her and touches her lips off to one side and then drives deep into her mouth again. Pansy cherishes every single day.

"It's your lucky day, whor*," Harry growls. "You're going to get a big sticky load of cum down your f*cking whor* throat. It's nothing less than you deserve."

Pansy knows she deserves it and she keeps sucking Harry. The loud sounds being made keeps bringing Harry's balls to the edge. Pansy squeezes them and then releases them. She squeezes Harry's balls a couple more times to weigh the immense amount of cum stored inside of them, ready to seed the back of her throat.

Harry pushes himself to the brink and crams his co*ck into Pansy's clutching throat. He smacks those balls against her chin with a repeated series of thrusts. His hand's loop into the back of her head the deeper Harry drives his co*ck into her mouth.

"f*ck here it comes, Parkinson. Good job."

His cum shoots into her mouth, in such a volume that Pansy assumes he's done and releases. For her trouble, she gets a face full of cum which smears down her face and dribbles down her neck.

Harry's shooting co*ck paints her face. He looks down at Pansy the way he imagines her being. On her knees with cum shooting in her face as she jerks off a man's co*ck.

Then, Harry shoves her down onto the back and tears her top off the rest of the way. Pansy's breasts pop out and her nipples are stiff as rocks. His fingers tweak Pansy's nipples and release them to cause a moan to fill the air. Harry roughly hands Pansy's body, going down from her breasts to attacking her inner thighs.

"Turn over so I can see that ass."

Pansy obliges Harry. Her ass is nice, thick, and round, and more than a handful for Harry to grab. He reaches out to grab Pansy's juicy butt and mold it into his hands. Her thighs spread almost on instinct. Harry's not quite ready to screw her brains out just yet.

He picks his belt and spanks Pansy on the ass.

"Yes, Daddy!" Pansy yells before thinking about it. "Spank your slu*tty little girl before you f*ck her."

"You're just a slu*t," Harry tells her. "And your my personal co*ck sleeve. Every day, if I summon you, you better be here. And you better be here to take my co*ck wherever I want to put it."

One finger shoves into Pansy's tight c*nt. He groans when he feels how tight she is.

"You must take a potion to keep yourself this tight," Harry groans. "I'm afraid when I'm done with you, no potion is going to ever give you the illusion of purity ever again."

He finger-f*cks Pansy and then pulls out. Harry forces Pansy to taste his finger and get it wet. Then he slides it down her body and drives it into her.

Harry's swinging co*ck slaps Pansy roughly on the ass as he drives his finger inside of her. Pansy is hot and bothered and wants one thing. The co*ck touches her cl*t one time as she moves around. Harry forces her down on the bed and grinds against her puss* and ass but does not pull the trigger.

The touches and the tormenting of Harry's never-ending sexual attack on her body is really riling Pansy up. He's touching her in all spots and making her lose her sense of herself. Harry grabs onto her and then squeezes her ass.

"f*ck me," Pansy pleads with him. "I need your co*ck."

"I know you do," Harry says.

His arm wraps around Pansy and then rolls down to be just underneath her throat. Pansy's excitement bubbles to the surface at the dangerous position he's in. His hands move down a bit lower as Harry aims himself at her. His co*ck parts her walls and then slides inside of her with one slide of it.

Twelve inches of co*ck find their way inside of Pansy's tight, willing, snug puss*. Harry pulls almost all the way out of her and drives his co*ck inside of her one more time. Her walls tighten their grip on Harry and Harry pulls out of her before driving into her.

Her puss* accommodates for Harry. Harry is all over Pansy's body now, marking what belongs to him, and every inch of the dark-haired vixen's frame belongs to him. Harry's holding his hands all over Pansy's body and driving deep inside of her while she's on her hands and knees.

"Oh, f*ck, I don't think I'd ever be the same! Your co*ck's so good! SOOO f*ckING!"

Harry drags his nails down her back and then reaches up to roughly grab her hair. Harry holds onto two hands full of Pansy's hair. Enough force and it would come off in his hands. The thought of having her hair ripped out in the act of sex only turns Pansy on ever so slightly more. Harry buries his co*ck inside Pansy and pulls almost all the way out before driving his manhood inside of her body.

Her tight puss* closes down on Harry's throbbing hard rod. Harry pulls almost all the way out and then drives inside of her again. His rapid-fire thrusts continue to build the necessary momentum and drive Pansy completely over the edge. He's working her to the org*sm.

Then Harry pulls out of her. Pansy wonders what madness this is. She's so close to losing her mind and cumming, and yet Harry stops it.

"Not yet."

Harry hoists her up and moves her across the room to the wall. Several chains pop out of the wall. They hook Pansy's ankles and wrists. Harry walks over towards her and rubs his co*ck against her juicy center. She's in the act of being entirely frustrated before Harry drives his co*ck inside her once again.

She clutches Harry's love muscle as tight as possible. Harry's pounding her into jelly against the wall. She can't wrap her legs or arms around him due to being chained to the wall. All she can do is sit back and enjoy the hard, efficient, f*cking she's getting. Harry takes her body without any restraint, not that Pansy's going to give her much resistance.

"I take what I want. And when I want it."

Pansy appreciates that a lot. His hands grab her ass as it pulls away from the wall. The grip Harry puts on her ass only puts him closer to driving his thick co*ck inside of her tightening c*nt. Harry pulls out pretty much all the way and then drives himself into her one more time. His balls keep smacking her the deeper he goes. And he can go pretty deep and pretty far with the right momentum.

"Now, you're going to cum. Only if you beg."

"Please, Master," Pansy breaths. "Let your little slu*t servant cum. She can't take it anymore."

Harry lets go and allows Pansy the release she so craves. And Harry's co*ck craves driving into Pansy just as deep as well. His balls repeat their never-ending assault on her wet thighs. They smack down on her and leave those delicious little marks all over her. Harry holds back against her and slams his co*ck inside of her tight body. She holds him and releases him with several more pumps.

"It's nothing less than you deserve," Harry informs her with a grunt. "Keep cumming for me. It's good for you."

"Yesss!" Pansy howls with delight. "It's good…it's very good!"

Harry holds onto her to spike his co*ck into her. Pansy's body reacts to him.

"For being such a good girl, I'm going to free your legs."

"Thank you, Master."

The second the legs are free, Pansy's legs come out. She wraps them around Harry's waist the deeper he shoves inside of her. Harry pulls out of her almost all the way and slides his co*ck into her wet puss*. The length of Harry's co*ck drives inside of her one more time.

Harry grabs her legs just as roughly as possible. Said legs squeeze him tightly. Harry runs all over her legs and enjoys the feeling of her very soft flesh. He grabs onto it and Pansy squeezes him the deeper Harry drives inside of her body. He pulls back almost all the way and drives his co*ck deep inside of her. Harry holds onto Pansy's back and drives his huge co*ck inside of her with a couple more solid thrusts.

"f*ck!" Pansy yells in his ear. "f*ck! f*cking hammer me with that big co*ck, Master."

The next level of deep f*cking continues with his co*ck driving deep inside of Pansy. Her wet puss* grabs Harry's co*ck hard and pumps it. Harry holds onto her back and fills her up several times over. Pansy keeps moaning in his ear, encouraging him to go on. And Harry indulges himself in her slu*tty, willing body.

"You have a body built for f*cking, Parkinson."

"Thank you, Master," Pansy moans in his ear.

Harry's co*ck rams deep inside of her body. He's about ready to treat Pansy as his own personal cum dump, and she can't wait for it. Her inner muscles grip onto Harry's big thrusting co*ck. He goes in deep and then pulls almost all the way out of her before driving inside of her body.

"A great body," Harry tells her by rolling his hands up and down. "Go ahead. You have my permission."

The puppet master pulls his strings and the puppet reacts. She c*ms all over Harry's big co*ck and saturates it. Harry plunges himself deeper inside of her. Every thrust brings Pansy closer to her own thrill ride. Harry holds back and then slams inside of her. His balls repeat their dance against her.

All good things wrap up pretty soon, and Harry's drilling of Pansy is one of those things. His balls throb about ready to meet their critical mass. He drives into Pansy's willing and squeezing c*nt. She milks him like it's her job and now it is because it is now.

"Almost there," Harry breathes. "Maybe one day I'll let you bare my daughter….but you haven't earned that right, slave."

Pansy vows to be good enough to earn the right to carry her new master's child. Instantly, his co*ck works its way inside of her tight puss* on a repeating loop. She can feel the tension rising and the tension rises in her body as well. Both of them are going to cum together.

A few more thrusts bring Harry into the depths of Pansy. Then, he gives way and c*ms along with her. His balls start shooting and spraying into Pansy.

Pansy's entire body heats up with pleasure the second Harry explodes inside of her. His balls release their load and fire inside of her. Pansy throws her hips up practically absorbing Harry's cum inside of her tight puss*. Harry holds on and plows her until she can hardly see straight. He keeps working her over all the way to the edge and then drags her a few steps beyond.

"Thank you."

Harry works into her, seeing white spots from the thrill of pleasure. Pansy keeps holding onto him and does not let out for a single second. Harry wants to finish inside of her. His cum drips from her on the few final drives into her. Her legs collapse from underneath even though the chains still hold her up.

Without another word, Harry pulls away from Pansy. He puts his clothes back on.


"Someone will be by eventually to get you down," Harry says. "I have other appointments to keep."

Harry reaches down to squeeze her inner thigh and then pull away. He leaves Pansy hanging on the wall. Dried up cum stuck to her sweaty face, completely naked, and droplets of cum falling from her raw puss* to the ground show evidence of what has happened tonight.

Another bitch broke in and it was long overdue as far as Harry's concerned.


Thanks to everyone for all of the hits/favorites/follows/kudos/comments and I'll see you for the next chapter on Friday. Thanks for Reading.

Next Chapter:3/9/2018.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 269 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 269 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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