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Nightshade(Katerina Zabini(Melyssa Ford))
Katerina Zabini, perhaps one of the deadliest women in the entire world, ran a nail down the chest of one Harry Potter, while she ground her hips against him. Seven husbands, all dead under mysterious circ*mstances. Although, there was room for one more. And Kat had every reason to keep ahold of this one. She could feel his very prominent erection just press against her thigh.

“Well, someone is excited,” Kat murmured. “And let’s face it, I’m pretty excited as well.”

Kat drove her lips down onto Harry’s and kissed him, passiontately. Their mouths molded together, with the heat only increasing when they enjoyed each other. Kat’s hips rotated back and forth, casually brushing against Harry’s co*ck as she rubbed against him, over and over again. She reached down his pants and with a smile, brought his co*ck out. A gorgeous foot long slab of meat came in front of her.

“Come to Mummy.”

Harry closed his eyes as Kat kissed down his body. The experienced, deadly, and quite frankly blindlingly gorgeous woman brought her lips down onto his co*ck, kissing every inch of his co*ck and sending a flare of pleasure through him. Harry’s manhood ached from what Kat was doing to him. Her sweet lips moved back and forth, sending a jolt through Harry as he entered her mouth.

“Damn,” Harry said. “Work that co*ck like it’s your job.”

Well, it was more than a job for Katerina Zabini. It was pleasure, taking this thick co*ck down into her mouth. She decided to play with Harry’s balls. It was very important she did not neglect that. Kat leaned in and inhaled Harry’s rod, pressing it against her throat while he drove deep inside of her throat. Kat looked up at Harry, with lust in her eyes when she went down onto him.

Kat looked like a succubus, trying to suck Harry’s soul out through his co*ck. Each plunge drove Harry deeper into Kat’s mouth when she pushed down onto him. Harry groaned and felt the pleasure just exploding through him when she went down onto him. Harry zeroed in on the back of her head and throat-f*cked Kat until she was choking onto him.


She hungered for him and Harry was going to give her an explosion of seed. Harry leaned in and pumped his thick, juicy batter all the way into her throat. Kat lowered her lips down and inhaled him, bringing every last drop of cum down into her throat.

Kat was ravenous, the second she tasted his cum. She shoved Harry down onto the bed, ripped her dress off, and then removed her panties. She sat on Harry’s face while grabbing and milking his co*ck. Kat’s eager hands brought Harry back to a full erection in no time. Kat just pressed down onto his length while Harry ate her puss* as her dark, thick, thighs smothered his face.

The outflowing of honey came from Kat. Harry tongue-f*cked her puss* and made her spill all over the place. Oh, yes, Kat moaned, gasping in pleasure for him, when she pumped those juices all over his face. Harry dug into her and ate her out, making her shake.

Then, it was time. Kat could not wait to fill herself up. She longed to ride this big, fat co*ck. Kat rose up, and then balanced herself onto Harry’s co*ck.

“Oooh, you’re so f*cking hot.”

Kat ensnared men, and some women, so very easily because of her beauty. She sunk down and drove Harry’s meaty pole down into her slick puss*. Kat let out another cry when Harry pushed inside of her. Harry groaned, when she filled him up, sending the thickness of his co*ck driving inside of her body. Harry pushed down into her and let her puss* just engulf him, wrappng him up with her box and releasing him.

The hot, tight puss* of Kat Zabini just pleasured Harry’s rod over and over again. She oozed sex. The deadliest woman in the Wizarding World rode its most famous man. The ageless beauty rose and fell for him. Harry reached up and groped her breasts.

“They are yours now,” Kat mewled. “Every inch of me is yours.”

Harry dove into Kat’s chest and started to suck her glorious knockers. Kat ran her hands down the back of Harry’s head and pulled him a little bit closer, as he suckled on her chest. Kat let out another moan when she pushed her hot puss* walls down onto Harry’s impressive rod, spearing herself down onto him. Kat let out another mewling whine and she released her juices down onto his co*ck, sending a jolt of pleasure down Harry’s co*ck as he pushed into her. Every inch of Kat was Harry’s and he intended to take it.

Kat’s hot walls closed around him. Her warm box edged more of Harry inside of her. Her puss* sucked him in and it felt so good. Harry leaned in to pull her in close. She slapped down onto his balls. It felt so good. Harry squeezed her tit* and reduced her to little more than a moaning, mewling mess in the process.

Oooh, Kat came for Harry, especially when he bit down on her nipple. The bold wizard showed no fear. She knew dozens of ways to kill a wizard and make it look like an accident. But, she had no interest in anything other than riding this co*ck. Harry rubbed her legs and pushed her down.

Then, Harry pushed Kat to the end of the bed. She was now on all fours, and Harry grabbed her ass and slapped it.

“How do you like that?”

Kat writhed and moaned. The notorious witch liked it a lot. She liked Harry’s impressive co*ck slamming down into her andstretching her in every way possible. Oooh, yes, it felt really good. Harry pulled back and slammed deep into Kat, making her insides just go liquid for him. Harry pulled back and sucked her earlobe. Kat shook with pleasure as Harry continued to thrust deep inside of her.

“Go ahead,” Harry breathed in Kat’s ear. “Cum for me.”

Kat came her brains out for Harry, her puss* juices leaking for him. Harry leaned in and thrusted inside of her, making Kat tighten around him and release him. She worked him over and her body begged to be seeded. Harry pulled back and shoved his rod down inside of Kat’s hungry puss* from behind. Harry leaned in and thrusted down into her, stretching her puss* completely out.

“Cum for me, pet,” Harry growled in Kat’s ear.

Kat shook in pleasure for Harry, soaking his co*ck from the tip all the way down to the base. Harry rode the hell out of her until her puss* pumped juices for Harry. Harry slammed down into her, stretching her puss* as he leaned into her, pounding her into a stupor. Kat moaned loudly, when Harry finished riding the hell out of her and made her puss* just saturate his co*ck.


Those words coming from Kat were like music. Harry could feel his muscles tighten. Harry decided to reach back and thrust into Kat.

“Empty your seed into me.”

The powerful witch felt giddy at the thought of being pumped full of the seed of a powerful wizard. Harry did not have to wait too long before Kat milked him. His seed spilled down inside of her body, flooding her insides when he emptied his thick, creamy batter inside of her. Kat moaned when he filled her up.

Harry smiled, having apparently tamed this dangerous woman. For the moment at least. Kat gave him a look like a lovestruck teenager nevertheless.

Some days, it was good to be Harry Potter.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 749 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 749 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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