The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)

I I I CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1889. Oats was traded in tot a fairle rent and anunsettled feeling firerailed The market opened weak and prices receded but rallied aid closed The Strength Was due to the advance in December corn, purchases for May' by a large operator. There wha. more. Ting in iness pork and the feeling was.

firiner. November was ad- 1 vanced and other deliveries 74 (4 10c and the" 'advance way moderatciy well supported. Very little business was trans. acted in lard and the freling wasteadier. Prices were advanced 24 Go and closed steady.

In short rib sides little more life was manifested and the feeling was steadier. Prices rather. favored sellers, though no.mawas Receipts- Flour 18,000 wheat 105,000 corn 152,000 bu, "oats 126,000 bu, rye 60,000 bu, barley 79,000 bu. Shipments--Flour 14,000 wheat bu, corn 194,000 bu, oats 118,000 bu, rye 6,000 bu, barley 43,000 hu. At Minneapolis sample wheat was.

depressed a fraction from the time trading be: gan, owing partly, to the increased receipts and partly to the last day of the First sales of No. 1 northern: were made at 76c with some sales of No. 1 78c and No. City northern ranging around, millers. were doing most of -the and after the first they were quite active.

Elevator companies were. not bidding very near, the market aud. shippers have been paying less attention to the market of late. The tendency of prices grew. weaker toward noon.

for the day were 586 cars, shipments .78 cars. Closing cember quotations: No. May .1 83c, hard on. November. track.

774 De-. No. 1 northern Norember December 75c, May on track No. 2 northern November 70c, December 71c, May 764c, on track At Duluth wheat was. dull.

and steady, closing at for November, for December and for May. Receipts were 266 cars. GENERAL COMMENT. Receipts of grain for Monday at" Chicago were estimated at 170 cars of wheat; 215 cars of corn and 151 cars of oats. To whether I.

A. Kelley: one seems to know we will get a good report or not ag we rate it had none last year at this time. any will cut no figure, us Mr. Dodge has week already taken it upon himself during the past to send to private sources 'what his re port will be if he makes one. According to the best information' ire can get we, raised 500,000,000: bushels or more of irbeat has and the been for it since the present crop for sale is very mo by 'T.

A. Kelley are WHEAT. Close. High. Low.

Closed. No. 8032 803 5 801 84 CORN. 315 31 May. OATS.

197 197 13 20 Day. 24 FORK. 9 17 9 27 17 9 25 9 27 .0 25 9 55 00 55 9. 55 9.52 9 4 30 30 274 LARD. May.

6 5 02 82 5 82. 5 87. 5 82 5 87 6 02 6 03 6 02. 6.05 offer LIVERPOOL Nor. Steady: holders per moderately; Culifornia No.

Ta do cental; winter No. 2 63 red Gs western 10d: spring 75 mand poor; new mixed western 43 percen: tal. Lard -Primo western 33g 31 per cwt. Bacon -Long clear 38s 0d per cental; short clear 34s 0d per cental. Peas- Canadian 69 4d per cental.

Prime mess -Extra 57s India 6d per 628: bbl: 5d peri tierce. Pork4 New YoRK. Nov. bu; 34.000 exports bu 16,991 bu; sales 840.000 bu No 2 red spot elevator; market was dull and: firm; red rat No. 3 red nt ungraded afloat: steamer No steamer No: 2 No.

1 northern 3 red 750; No. -1. hard red red 72e; Nov options closing dull, up, closing ateady; No. 2 at No. 2 do at Jan nt 7-160, closing 85460: Dec closing May market at 9-16c, closing Rye- The at WAd quiet; western at A western Barley-Steady; Canada -Quiet; Canada six at rowed state G5c.

for old and now, rowed sales 16,000 Corn-Reets 22,500 bu: 21,531 market WAS quiet futures, 1F6, in ba spot; spot and white elevator; at 2 Fellow at 390; ungraded mixed. No. 3 old low mixed 40c; soft cash at No. 2 cash bid; Nor bid. aakel; Doo bid, asked; No.

2 (white cash at 250 bid; cash 3 cash 20 bid oN 41 Oats--No. bid, or 16Mo hid, 17c asked. $10.00. CINCINNATI, Nov. easy at shoulders $3.90: short ribs at short clear.

short. al oleur at Bacon -Firm; DETROIT, Nov. Yo. 1 white cash May No. 2 Corn red -No.

rush 2 Nor 360 Dee Nov 240. Dats- Rects-Wheat No. 2 cash 16,300 bu; No. 2 white cash outs 19,710 bu. COMMERCIAL DAY; Nor.

9-Clusing. Prices of grainin theilocal market remain unchanged and trading is generally. light. The -Hour is quiet. City- makes, brands patent, are still accordingly.

Ney, at- York $4.85 state, and other: wheat flour is also quiet and prices are somewhat lower. "It is nOW quoted at 2.50 per and the demand Receipts ouly of hay are quite libtral fair, with prices a littler: easier. Choice; haled hay is now at $14.00. The grocery market remains quoted at, $11,00 11.50 and in he sinall. way changed.

Sugar and coffee are both -steady at quotation prices. Some changes are announced -in provisions, are reduced 1c a pound. Sweet pickled beef hams are now 1 quoted at $12.50 a barrel instead of coininission markets were fairly active for Saturday: There was a little better movement butter, especially creamery, and the market is somewhat firmer although no advance in price is looked for as yet. The egg market is Armier and prices were again marked up by dcalers- who hare Strictly fresh stock. They are now quoted at 24 25c and sell readily at those figures.

Receipts of poultry have been very heavy during the past few days and a large amount of stuck was held over from Friday, which" cansed a somewhat casier. feeling in the market although all No good stock was sold at quotation prices. changes are noted in game. Venison is being offered at 10c a pound in carcass and 15c in saddles, but as yet there is but little demand for it. Potatoes and onions are steady at quotation prices.

Hides are quiet at" unchanged prices. Tallow is steady at GRAIN. WHEAT- No. 2 red, No. 3 new.

700. No. Ohio 2 corn white 20; mixed, 18c; No 2 Sic. OatsNo. 1 mixed 2c; No.

2 mixed 21c. Prices of corn and from elevator Ic higher than foregoing quotations. By 2, new, 45c. FLOUR. FEND AND SEEDS.

City makes (ratent) 'city makes whitc wheat other Cleveland brands, red wheat country made flour Minnesota patent Alinnesola spring $3.75 rye graham New York state buckwheat flour $2.256 2.50 por owt. $3.15. quality, per bbl, half bbl, prices by the ton: Tine middlings, seconds, bran, screenings, $8,00 1200; chopfeed, No. 1, 318.00; linseed meal, $22.00. cornmeal, coarse, fine, HAY AND -Hay in bulk.

best timothy. lots, 12.50: new, in in. bulk, bailed car a small $14.00. Straw. baled, car lots, wheat $6.00: from store, rye, car lots, from store, 9.00; bulk straw, wheat.

$6.00: re straw. in bundies, $7.0. Timothy, clover seed, medium, prime to choice, buying price, mammoth, orchard grass; red 4.: Di blue graer, 1 TROVISIONS. ngw. short mess, extra short clean elear pig cured, sinall, choice 10c; family clear, Shoulders, $11.25.

sugar cured, Sugar. picnic hams, 9c; California hams, sweet pickled beef hams. $12.50 per bbl; breakfast bacon, 90; clear English bacon, smoked beef. hams; cured, sinokod beef tongues, $5.50 per swoot pickled heef tongues, $16.00 per' bhi; half bbl, age, pickled in 12tb averDry meatosmoked, boxed -Short clear sides, ratra; short clear sides, long bellies, clear sides, short rib. middles, ic; rib clear bellies shoulders, 5 Dry salted meats, unsmoked, -Short clear sides, 52c; extra short clear sides, long clear sides, clear bellies, short fat backs, aboulders, cheeks, steam, rendered, in tierces, in tierces, in in bar20-16 kega; tuba, net.

pails, in wooden round pails, 50-16 pet. 7c; in 10-th wooden case. in in round 25-lb tins, gross weight, 100 ting gross weight, 100-Ibs in a a case, in 10-Lb tin bails, HIDES AND paying prices in store: Prime ured, hider, light and bulls, beayy, grubby, cows, kreenaged, onethird price horse budly hides, cured green, and No. I. Ohio prime deacons, cured weal calf.

75 to 15 280; wax, 300. sheming, fallow; prime, Beesestimated, LEATHER-Hemlock, rough, 15c; oak; rough, Buenos sole, 21 slaughter. oak. buffalo, Matamoras, sole, 204 32e; oak, harnors, domestic calfekine; per lb, 500 75c; domestic kips, 1 -AND TURPENTINE- Spirits, per gallon; Linseed, -hoiled. 1 extra lard oil.

extra No. 1 lard, 500; No. lard. 46c; No. 2 lard, pure neatsfoot, Gue; extra nontefopt, 530; No.

1. neatsfoot, 45c. PRODUCTS. white, Refined Ohio oil, test, car lots. Ohio state test, water cene, beadlight, 1759.

Eq: Brook's snow drop. oil company's brands: white seal ng oil, l1c; lighthouse. water white oil, 90. deodorized, per gallon, To; olean turpentine, per gallon, 8c; deudorized, 8c; to dendorized, Dc. to deodorized.

store gasoline: 90; to 710 redistillled, 12; 11c; 17c. Druggists' odorless erasire fluid, METALS ORE. No. 1 specular, Bessemer. $3.500 6.25: NO.

1 specular non- Bessemer. Bessemer Hematites, nod-Bessemer numbers. IroN. -Cash prices; Charcoal pig iron, all No. $2.500 21.00: and co*ke iron 1 foundry iron, all lake ores.

No. 2 do, 18.15; No. 1. foundry, lako ores with cinder. mixtures, 19.25; No.

2 do, No.1 silvery, native ores, 818.50 19.50: No. 1 gray forge- red short, 17.25; No. 1. gray forge, neutral, No. 1 American Scotch (softener), No.

2 American Scotch, IRON AND STEEL -Merchant iron, $1.85, cant rate; shoot iron, cummon die. sheet iron No. 21, 30; galranized per tank iron, $2.45. Iron Steel boiler plates: Shell, flange, firebox. 50.

firebox. boiler plater: Shell, 340; flange, inch Boiler and tubes, smaller, dis. 55 per cent. Pipe: dis, 50 per galvanized, inch and smaller, dis. per black, galvanized, inch and larger, dis.

per cent. Tool steel, inch and larger, dis. 50 per machinery steel. 3c. do NAILS steel, -Steel, spikes, iron, $2.75, standard wrought spikes, aud larger, wire nails, Go; base.

rates. OTHER ETA LA -Per pound: Lake copper, Arizona copper. Baltimore copper, Straits and Malacca tin, Lamb Flagg tin. antimony, spelter, load, BOARD 4 OF TRADE REPORT. Receints and shipments from board of trade report for Friday, Nov.

8: Receipts-Apples, 732 bols; "bacon; 4,800 Ibs; bolts, 15 tons: butter, 13,100 lhe; barley, 2.243 bu: beans; 150 bus cattle, live, 44 head; cement, 250 bbls; cheese, 902 boxes; coal, tons; coal. 7 4,892 hbls; tons; cake, 66 tons; coffee, 200 lbs pkgs; corn, 1,911 bu; eggs, 272 pkgs; fish, 1,493 Ibs; four, 1,383 hbls; hay, Gears; bides, 61,300 hogs, live; 616 'hond; iron. bars, 327 tons; iron. blooms, 109 tons; iron, ingots, 30 tons; iron. muck bar, 41.

tons: iron, scrap, 307 tons; iron. ore, 4,663 tons; iron, pig. 894 tons; iron, axles, 18 oil, tona; lard. 24,600 Ihs; lard oil. 25 bbls; linseed 8 hhls; lime, 490 bbls; lumber 3,742 lath, millfeed, 72 tons; nails, 890 kegs; oatmeal, 25 hbls; oats, 12,000 bu; onions, 63 bu; petroleum, crude, 1.950 bbls; petroleum, refined.

$50 bbls: plaster, salt, 102 500 bbla; potatoes, 2,967 bu; rags, tons; staves, 11 cars; 44:300 clover, 223 bara; seeds, flax. 2,46 hm sugar, Ibe; shingles, 1.731 DI; tallow, 6,000 Ibs; wire. 4,200 Shipments -Apples, 50 hbla; bacon, 123,500 lbs; 68 butter. 1,200 lha: beans, 205 in; cement, 153 cheese, 81 boxes; coal, 51 tons: meal. 27 coal.

B. 4,920 tons; cotfec, 10,800 corn1 bbls; fish, 861 pkgs; four. 1,370 bbis; hay, car; hides, 200 Ibbs; bogs, livo, 163 hood; 3,134 irou, bars, tong; iron, scrap, 109 tons; iron, ore, tons; iron. tons; iron, axics, 19 tons: lard, 9,600 lha; lard oil, bbls; oil, 110 bils; 919 bbly; Jamber, 1,018 Af: lath, 800 183 'millfeed, 30 tong; 2,845 kegs; oatmeal, bbla; oranges and lemons, 31 boxes; vats, 891 bu'; onions. 71 ba; petroleum, refined, 10,697 bhis; 5,000 lbs; plastor, 497 hbls; pork, 33 bbla; potatoes, 50 bu; rails, steel, 42 tons; rage, d1 tons; salt.

656 bbls; staves, 9 care; seeds. clover, 200 13,100 bags; sugar, 66, 334 tallow, 1,000 lbs; wool, lbs; wire, tous; wheut, 1,500 bu. LIVE STOCK. options were dull. up on Nor and Dec.others.

gross weight, six in a case, in 5-1b tin, pails, wosteru cows, bulls and mixed $1.1540 2.60; steady: Nor at Dec. at Jan at gross ireight, twelve in a case, in 3-16 tin rangers wintered Texans $2.80 nt May al 42c. Oats-Recti 58,000 bu; pails, grose weight, twenty in -a case, Ar -logs-Rects 15,000 head; shipts 7.000; exports 1,428 bu; sales 195,000 bu futures; refined lard, in tierces, choice kettle market was stronger; mixed at 000 ba spot; spot market firm and dull; 'options rendered tierces. 670.. Pigs', feet in vin-.

light a beavy packers aud fairly actire, Nov and Dec. up and cgar, cooked, half bbls, 80 lbs, tripe, 40-1h. Recta shippers. skips Sheep-: others were steady; Nor. at Dee at kite, $1.30 2,000 540; market steady; Jan at spot No.

2- white at 30c; FARMYARD AND DAIRY. natives westerns: Texans mixed western white do 290340; 2 lambs Chicago do Pork-Steady; uninspecter Ines inspected stock, 150; dairy, fancy fresh table. fancy, 186200; choice dairy common CINCINNATI, and Nov. weaker; BUTTER-Creamery, mess at roll, oleomargarine, light- packing' and gales extra pickled prime at bellies 12 15s low grades, bu chers' grades at $3.8064.00. Recta 6, head; av 10 lbs hr at CHEESE--New York state full shipts 2, Two head.

14 pickled lb: 7c; 15 shoulders lbs av at To; pickled hams. Ohio cream, part cream. skim. Nor. smoked shoulders Steady, unchanged; at short clear Swiss cheese, brick cheese.

11(120; lower; 120 recta Joads. through; 12 salo. rects $5.60. Lard--Spot options. and: at: burger, through; 50 gale; Yorkers quiet; western steam at sales Nor EGGS- -Fresh candled stock, in crates modiums.

and heavy pigs (a 0.30, closing $6.30 hid; Dec cl wing. $0.24 9c; ducks, hid: Jan at $6.22 bid; Feb at $0.27: March at old; per 1h; spring chickens, Sr. Louis, Nor. 500 head; $6.34 asked. per lb; geese, shipts none; market strong; choice heavy native Sr.

LoUIS. Nov. under PRODUCE, FISH AND GAME. ers: and fair fair to to good steers unfavorable advices there was enough selling at APPLES Common. choice.

fancy, steers, good 2,100 range the opening to depress tho market home grown fancy, per bu; none; markot steady; fair bead; shipta waS a slight reaction and the close was Ho common, 25450c. butchers' selections to choice heavy and below yesterday; No. 2 rod cash at 7 ati BANANAS- Jamaica, Port Limon. grades 'light at fair. to 3.90; packing closing at May Sheep Keats.

300. head: shipts best none; $3.8003.90. closed No. 2 mixed cash and Palermo, 300s, fanoy, Arm; fair to choice $3.300 4. 6v.

markot asked; Nov closed closed 300 asKed; Dec choice. $1.0004.50: common. $3.00. bid; Jan 'closed ORANGES -Floridas, per box: Jamaica; head; FAST Nor. 400 bid; May olosed $6.50 per bbl.

chipts. GOO; steady at Monday's prices; No. 2 cash at bid; May at BEANS AND PEAS -landpicked York state anar- real calves primo cattle at Rye Steady; No. 2at bid. Bar- row.

medium. $2.60: pen beans, lima good fair $2.800 8.20; bulls, les dull; Wisconsin at Minne beans, per pound; peas; Wisconsin evergreen, coumon fat cows 31. 2.50; fresh cows $2.0000 1. sota Iowa Provisions Ohio, 52.75@3.25, stockers $2.5003.50, feeders and lard wera Pork--At $11.25. GRANBERRIES-Cape Cods, -per 14 cars shipped to New York today.

Lard--Prime steam not quotable orer $5.75. Dry extra large, $11.00 11.50.7 ket: slow head; shipts 6,100 head. Mar-Loose shoulder3-at. $4.50: ends grown, per bu; was. Philadelpbias at ribs nt short clear nt boxed per crate.

common fair Yorkers roughs $3.00 shoulders $4.35, longs and ribs at $5.25, short potatoes. hom*o grown. common bcavy hogs $3.006 clear at $7.70. Bacon -Boxed shoulders per bu; Baltimore sweet potatoes. per 3.70, shipped: good light $4.0504.27, 14 cars hogs longs and at ribs phort clear at $6.00.

bbl Jerseys, $3.7500 1.00 per bbl. to Now York today. Sheep-Rects liams-At Recta -Wheat 30,000 GREEN FORTABLES home herd; 1.65: fair 1.000 head; market steady: prime bu; corn 33,000, rye barley per 100: new beats, 45c per bu; new carrots. 3.75; good 0 001- 17,000. Shipts- Wheat dats 45c por bu lettuce, 400 per box; radishes.

mon at lambs rye barley none. per dor; Boston marrow squash. 1.25 ner INDIANAPOLIS 9. -Cattle-Rects fair; TOLEDO. Nov.

9-Wheat-Dull and steady; doz; linbbard, celery, Kalamazoo. market was dull; shippers butchcash at Dec at May at per doz; home grown, ers 5,000 head; bulls logs-Rects Corn-Dull; cash at 340. Oats-Markot cords. SHALL FRUIT grapes, con: market; was steady; heavies and cash at No. 2 white Rects-Wheat Malaga per pound; Catawba, mediums at mixed lights 12,763 bu; corn 11,269 bu: oats.

rye 1,927 weight, gripes, full weight, $7.00 per keg; light Sheep-Rocts werelight; market was but. Shipts-Wheat 2,750 bu; corn 11,60 outs per keg. unchanged; lambs at sheep at $2.50 rye 1,658. 1 whitefish, -Mackinaw trout, MILWAUKER. Nor.

-Steady at family 5.50; whitefish. pickerel, medium, per half bl, dicator KaNsAs reports: CITY, Nov. Lire Stock Dec at 81c. Corn- por new. lako herring.

cod, 1,804 the Cattle-Rects 4,022 head; shipts Firm; No. 3 at 34c. Oats--Firmer; No. 2 herring, bbl, salt water head; market steady all around; white at 412c. Rye-Quiet: No.

at 43c. mackerel, No. 2, per bbl, new native beeres at Barley--Dull; No. 2 cash 0: 11. per half bbl; No.

3 stockers und foeding Hogs-Rects steers at $2.41 3.25; Texans Wheat 29,900 bu: barley 40,300 bu. Ships--Wheat -Woodcook, $1.5002.80. 6,620 head; shipts 1,015 barley 68,300. $1.00 per doz: quail, $1.90 $2.50 per per doz; Mallard guino, the light market was strady; firm; good to choice CHICAGO, Nov. quotations were as fol- $3.50 per doz; partridgo, $4.25 doz; per dos; prairie duck, Sheep Recta 150 head; heave and shipts mixed 492 bead; $3.7003.85.

the lows: spring 6214 Wheat- 2 2 spring at No. 3 chicken. $1.50. doz; frogs, $1.00 per doz. market was etcady; good to choice No.

red Corn- per doz. Sqirrel. $1.00 per doz. stockers and. feeders muttons at 2 Oats- No.

2 at 2 Vension carcass, 10c per Ib; saddler, 150 per lb. Barley- 2 nominal. pork Lord-At per 100.. Short. rib GROCERIES.

FLOUR, FEED AND SEEDS. sides, boxed. at loose, at dry salted shoulders, CANDLES- per lb; jelly, Nev YORK, Nor. 39,277 pkgs; short clear sides, bored. star, 120 13c.

4.27 bbls, 27,168 sacks; the market CEMENT AND PLANTER- Cummings' Akron, $1, remains quiet and steady; the pales BUFFALO, Nor. 1 hard dull land. brand, Louisville, English P'ort- 14,76) bbla; low. extra grades city at 83c; No. 1 porthern winter wheat No.

American Portland, mills 1.70; winter wheat low grades $2.6004 2 red Corn-No. 2 in store 38c. Rects calcine. Buffalo, $1.45. hydraulio lime.

750. Plaster, Windsor, 3.00; fair to fancy patents -Wheat 182.000 bu; corn bu. Shipts-. Minnesota clear do straights $3.150 Wheat 70.000 bu: corn 200,000 bu. CIDER-Retined.

4.75; do patents rye mixture $3.2 P'HILADELPHIA. Nor. Options dull Oronoco, 23c; -Rousted Arbuckto's 2o- (100-1b cases); bbls. western at and lower; No. 2 red Nov at Dec Rio, Java, sales llar-Weak and dull; shipJan.

at Feb at DRIED green Rio. JAVA, 230024c. plug good to choice Hops -MarRye -Steady at 56c for No. 2 Pennsylvania. unpared, ran dried.2¼0; peaches, ket quiet and steady.

mixed Corn--Firm in but Twentieth little or no speculation; No. -2 peaches, dried, unparodadd apples, ovaporated, oraporated, Go. quiet. ST. LouIs, steady, Nor.

firm: XXX market was street clerator at FOREIGN DRIED family No. 2 mixed and high mixed in Twentieth layers. $50; loose, FRUITS Raisins, new; London cho co fancy street clevator at 41c; No. high mixed track 12c; lencies, new. Te; Muscatels, Va- extra fancy patents roots No.

2 yollow in grain depot 42c; No. 2 mixed Sultan: Undura best 7.000 bbly; shipts 8.00v. Cornmeal-Lower Nov at at Jan at prunes, fig layers, Turkish Bru active 420 Flax 10c; Ecb at 40 Oats- Carlots French prunes, currants, seed -Saleable at $1.25. dull: ruled quiet but steady; No. 3 mixed -Choice white od fancy prairie at timothy at $8.000 No.

2 mixed rejected white 'un- -Cocoanuts, clorer 170. 12.00. Bagging -Degraded white at 2So; No. 2 white, quoted.29c: electric 5.00 per peanuts. 100; peanuts, Iron mand large; market steady; lbs 9c; 2 lbs fancy harley onts quoted at 331c; 3 monda, al- cotton No.

white 2 at futures quiet hut firm; perbushel; shell barks, $1.20 7.100 CHICAGO, NOT. steady and Jan white Nov at we; Dec Cucumber. 1,200, ensy; NeIT winters spring wheats in fair Feb Provisions steady half bbl, bakers $29003.50. Flaxseed-No. 1 $1.31.

jobbing demand; mess pork new- at Carolina head rice Prime timothy reed at $1.16. 312.00: llams-Smoked do' family $13.00013.50. common. TOLEDO, Nov. Lard -Western steam SALT--Fine (Now sinte) Syracuse, firm and steady: cash at Nor Market at was oats 15,000 6.00.

bu. Shipts-Wheat 12,400) bu; corn bbl; fino Warsaw Hoper bbl; fino Michi- per Deo at S3.60. Rects-Cloverseed 88,700. bu'; corn gun, 700 per bbl; bags, $1.25 shints 418 bags, 1,200 bags; 12,500 bu; oats 26,000 bu. per obl; F.

dairy, without LOUISVILLE. Nov. 2 red at 76c; 1. dairy, bags, 100-3. per bars, $1.50 V.

F. per dairy, bhl; 28- F. I A 15.700 Nov. bbls; shipts 11,400. dull; No.

No. white longherry 37c. at 78c. Oatr-At 2 mixed 30: 56-1b suck, 23 per $1.25 per bbl: C. Nov.

2 10 hags, s1.60 per sack; F.91.10 per bhi: F. 56-16 for choice Minnesota other graded wore firm Market clear sidles unchanged. Bacon -Clear rib sides at ground per solar, sack: ground solar, per bhi: quiet bnf Provisions- sack. Be packed sacks. 21c.

per sack; best, do straight old steady; Ohio. Indiana old clear clear $1.05 ribs cured shoulders $5.00. Mess pork-At Canada dairy, 204 lbs, $2.00 per sack; best Canada straight $1.601.10: do $13.00. Sugar cured choice. dairy, 50-1b maoks, 550 per St.

Louis and southern Illileaf lard S6.00. Pack 28-1b sacks, 18c: suck; Syracuse, 30c per nois clear do straight old BAlTIMORE. Y. cloros, 25c; 1 winter patents fair to choice MinneNo. 2 winter Spot Western Nor.

allspice, ginger, sota patents cloar do western straight do Nov. a75 a Dec at Jan 8 Feb Sc STARCH- $4.00 4.30; do straight new winter do clear patent new ati spot Western was easy: mixed wego corn, Osirego lump gloss, 03: new year at Nor Jan Dec So; satin gluss. Te: silver gloss in. 1-th packages. Ontario: NOT.

market was white Rects-Flour 4,400 bbls. March April 41c. Te: in 6-t boxes, The. Quiet; prime to choice timothy at 13.00. Vats-Quiet and steady, Western white 23 SUGAR powdered 18.400 bbls.

Shipts-Flour 14.000 do mixed at graded convo standard, bbls.white at Rye-Market slow: No: Tc: A soconds, extra white. CINCINNATI- markat wa to choice at Provisions; Market: ho; coffee, yellow, cusy, with family at $3.0043.40 and at $3.70 WAS Wheat steady; mess pork at $12.50. corn 3.000. centrifugals, MOLASSES- 316 New Orleans, open. kettle, corn none bu.

baking, 2x. GROCERIES. Wheat Kansas corn 97.000.. 000. REAL- Cider rinogur, white wine, YorK.

Nov. 9. Coffee CiTY. wool. firm, unchanged to.

10 points up, closed firm. 10 Options opened Dec stronger; No. hard cash at Nor Onto 20 points up; sales. 33,500 hags: ibeluding asked; No cash Nor 2. Fine, paring prince in' -stoto! Nov'at $14.756 14.80; at Jan so? medium, $1.

80g 11.45; Feb. $14.85 Mar, at $14.55 1 3, 30 tot 14 383 at. 53 gall Shed Nor: by Hall opened slow with about 800 head; most sales of heavy and molium at York weights at good pigs at at.00; stags. and roughs at $2.7503.50. Cattle--Nothing doing in butchers' cattle; butchers getting.

their supplies from western ing at 85. fair at comaton reals in fair demand; good to best selland bears at. 4.35; -Demand gond 75 to 90 1be at $4.000 common to fair at spring lainbe Da Cattle-Rects 3,000 bead; shipts market was steady and dull; extra bores steers 4.60:. stock: ers and feeding steers Texas cattle: at 7 WILLIAM CAIN, Commission Merchant ane Member Chicapo Board of Trade," Grain, Provisions, StocKs, "Bonds, Trusts, Cotion. Coffee and Securitios of all kinds, bought and sold on commission.

EXCLUSIVE USE OF S. WHITE Private Wire from New York to Chicago. 122 WATER ST. TELEPIIONE No. 1.

MEMBER OF CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE. Exclusive Leased Wire. Prompt service. Banker and KELLEY. Commission Merchant.

Investment Bought: and Securities; Sold in Grain- and Provisions the New York Chicago Markets. 130 WATERSKI STREET. TELEPHONE 68. FINANCIAL BANKING BUSINESS. A SATERDAY, Nov.

9 New York bank clearings were clearings balances were, For flic week. the balances, $24, 618,059. Boston bank clearings: were balances Money '4 per cent. Exchange ou New York sold, at 5 cents dis- 1 count 124 cents premium. For the week the were $10,836,270.

For the corresponding week last balances 'year the $11,876,087. clearings were. balances Baltimore bank clearipys: were be 097; Philadelphia balances bank clearings were For the week the 058. clearings were balances days Chicago of the bank clearings for the five business week just closed were $70,508,902, $32,521,762 against $62,521,702 fur a corresponding period last New York soid at 25 0,40 cents discount. cent.

Rates for for call money and continue sicady at juT 708 per cent. for time Joans. St. Louis bank clearings were balances $323,408. Exchange on New.

York. sold at 50 cents tea for this week the clearings were balances 727.. For last week the clearings were balances $2,156,432. For the corresponding week last year the clearances, were balances $1,447,339. At- Memphis New York exchange is selling at par.

STOCKS AND SECURITIES. Governments dull and steady. FINANCIAL State bonds neglected. The stock market was artive and feverish today but most of the time displayed a strong tone which resulted in irregular changes for the day but enabled some stocks. to score material advances.

temper of the room was reactionary again this morning and while the bulls were inclined to hold off the bears were still aggressive and succeeded in opening the market generally from to per ceut. lower than it closed last evening, with the grangers showing the more important losses. London was a buyer to a limited extent and Boston purchased more liberally, especially of Atchison, in. which the influential indorsem*nta of the reorganization plan seem to be having effect. There were buying orders in the hands of commission houses which soon made themselves felt after the opening and while the- grangers held back, the coalers were firm and Atchison and lead trust were specially strong, the latter rising per cent.

in the firat hour, while a fractional improvement: occurred- in the regular list. Among the specialties Ten: nessee coal was also particularly strong and scored an extreme rise of per though a portion of this was afterward lost when the bear pressure was resumed. led in this reaction, though no the particularly weak spot was devcloped, and attack was 800n suspended when fresh buying for the long account appeared and 4 material fur her advance took place all over the list: The Northern Pacifies were most ferred conspicuous rose in this advance and tho pre: 14 per cent. "The bank statement was issued until just previous to 12 v'elock and the large in reserve which once niore sends the surplus below the legal requirements was made the occasion of another sharp raid in the last few minutes which had the effect of nentralizing a portion the previous The -close, however, was firm at something off the highest prices. The final changes are irregular and generally, fractional but the only important arc case coal advances a like and lead amount trust and is up Atchison 14, Tenn.

the salei Railroad of bonds were again fairly active, the tiro all issues aggreguting $830,000 for Arkansas hours' session while the St. Louis, the Texas firsts furnished $161,000 to total. The market was strong in tone and Gulf, Colorado Santa He sccouds per were the special feature of the day, rising cent. to 77g. Sales of bonds for the week $7,064,000 'against $6,861,000 last week.

The continued Post's financial article suys: "Reading to be held today with the same remarkable firmness, notwithstanding the unfavorable aspect of its affairs. St. Paul also was firmer than the other stocks, and it is probable that granger the large outstanding short interest in both source of strength in their prices. The net result of the week's Huetuations was higher prices for nearly all stocks important except advances the coal stocks, though the only were on Atchison and ively Louisville 6 Nashville, which were respectand 24 per cent. higher at the close today than a week ago.

All other advances were when. within about I per cent. On Oct. money on call had for" a week been loaning at from: 10 to 20 per all the speculators were predicting 8 great advance in stocks as soon as money should become easy. now for two weeks money has been easy and for the last week loans at the stock exchange have been at and 6 per exchange has been graduthe declining, exports have been increasing earnings of the railroads have been extremely good, and yet, with the cxceptions of Louisville, Union Pacific, AtchiMichigan Central, Canada Southern and Shore, all the active stocks are from 2 6 per cent.

lower than on Oct. 1. Lackawanna Hudson is 8 points lower than then, Delaware 6, Reading 6, Jersey Central 13, Paul 5, Rock Island 5, Missouri Pacific 6, cotton Northwest trust 2, 16 Burlington Western Union 2, evident and sugar trust 17. It is that the general public are not in C. stock market, and that if the movement prices is in the hands of the room traders C.

disappoint the their course of prices is pretty sure to C. expectations. Total sales of stocks today' were 188,697 phares, Lackawanna including Atchison 88,345, Delaware, Western 7,266, Lake Shore C. Pacific Louisville Nashville 2,200. Northwestern 2,650, New Northern Central 2,550, Northern Pacific Transcontinental 1,811, preferred Reading 10,151, 13,900, Oregon St.

Union Pacific 4,900. Furnished A. Kelley, Water street! Prv's YorkStocks Closing. Opening Lowest. Closing.

36 St. L. on Il. V. 400 Canada, B.

Soth'n 106 400 147 500 not L. 200 one 1100 200 74 733. Shore. 1107 2100 Michigan 2000 70 97 97 400 J. 70 6200 2500 33 2000 Pac.

pref 74 75 9000 113 2000 Y. 106. 100 Y. N. 45 20 45 1600 34100 5100 the 600 was 0100 67 6100 of 31 $1000 Cutton.

Union. Oil.I 200 Saturday's closing bond quotations: United 4 per" cent. reg. 127. coup 127.4'do of 104 do coupon Faoitic 68.

'95 local staunpod-4s S9. Missouri is 10. Tou- I nossec tis new settlementa 59 settlements do 3s settlemouts HE Canada Southern sec. onde Central ursts 114, Denver Rio Grande firsts.11 Denver Rio Grande 49 Denver Western Trie seconds Kansas Texas gen'l C3 Kansas Texas gen'l5s 60 Mutual Union 69 100. 11.

N. N. C. Gen. 1134.

Northern -Pac. firsts 103. do' debontures 63 110, Oregon Transe'l 6s seconds. Northwestern consols St: Fi. Iron M.

gen. St. J. San Francisco St. general mortgaze 120, St.

Pant 1. Paul l'ac. firsts 117. Texas linion (. 'Tr.

rets, do R. G. Tr. rets. firsts 113, cat Shore Adans Express Alton Terre Haute 44.

A. prettid.110. American Express 116, R. N. 20..

Canada Pacitio Canada Southern do Central Pacifie 34. C. 0. do pref. second pref.

43.. Chicago Alton 132, Quincy Chicago, At. Pac. 10. do pret.

San. Cloveland 63. Cleveland, Cincinnati. Chicago St. Louis 75, Cleveland, West.

Columbus 1. Del. R. G. Hudson 147.

Lack. first prof. 68, East Tenn do pref. Ford do second pref.2¼. Erie do Wayne 157, Fort Worth Den.

Valley Houston Tex. Illinois 10; Contral Lake Erie B. West. Western Kansas Texas Shore pref. Lake ville 107, New Louisville Nashrille 84.

Louis62, Michigan Albuny 38, Memphis Charleston Central 97. S. W. 94, do pref. Pacific, 112.

Min. Mobile L.3%4. do prof. Missouri Chattanooga Ohio Nashvillo West. N.

J. Central 116, Norfolk pref. Northern Pac. 32, do 75, New Northwestern York Northwestern St. L.

do Central New York, Chicago do pref' d. pref'd 67. Ohio Mississippi provement 48. Ontario Oregon Nay. Western Oregon Im-3 Pacific Mail 100.

Oregon Trans. 'Pittsburg Peoria. Dec. Evans 19. Island Pullman Pal.

187. Rending do preferred 56, St. Louis San Francisco 2, Trust Lead do first Sugar ferred St. Trust 2176. St.

Paul do prePaul. Min. M. St. P.

Omaha dc preferrod 97. TenesseeCoal Iron ferred Texas Pacific Toledo Ohio Cent'I pre56- Union Pacinic United States Exfer'd press W.abash, St. Louis Pacific 16, do preUnion Wells Fargo Express Western 8, Oregon Short Line Richmond West Point Terminal Atchison Dayton, Toledo Ft. Wayne Denver Rio (rande pref. Southern Pacific 36.

Chicago Fastern Illinois St. Paul Denver WisconsinCentral27, Chicago Ga3 American Colton Oil 33. Boston stocks. closing prices: At Topeka Ta. do land grant TS, do R.

R. Albany 216; Boston Maine 213; Chicago, Sandusky de Burlington Quincy 106; Cincinnati, Cleveland 22: Eastern R. R. 93; Pere preferred City, St. Joe Council Bluffs 73 Little Rock and Ft.

Smith 7s Central common' New Istmortgage bunds 66; New York Lake England do 7s Ogdensburg Champlain common Old Colony 107; Rut land common 4 preferred Wisconsin Central common do LONDON, Nor. stock exchange closed today on account of repairs. PaRis. Nov. per cent.

rentes S7E. 50c for the account. LOCAL STOCKS AND BONDS. treet. Quoted by Charles I1.

Potter 101 Superior son, Lake 1 to St. of is call 5 ally and the of alone 1,805, Houri Jersey T. 130 New C. Del. D.

Sugar Louie; Mo. N. North. North. N.

Lead Oregon Rock R. St. Texas Union Wabash Western Am. States reg. Louisiana 7 Last BANK STOCKS.

Par. Div. Bid. As'd Cleveland National .100 131 132 Commercial 100 161 166 First Euclid Avenue 10) 139 100 332 National 100 National Bank of 100 142 147 100. 197 State Union National.

100 129 National 100 132 Savings Banks. The Citizens' Sav'gs Loan. 500. 980 11000 Savings Trust Co. 73 105 People's Savi'gs Lonn! 200 400- German-Amor'n S.

La 100 110 East End Sav'es Bk. Co. 60 100 Broadway Sav'gs Bk. Col 100 130 Woodland are. Savings Bkg.

Co: West Side Sav'gs Bk. 50 65 South Cleveland Bk. Co. .100 200. RAILROAD STOCKS.

6, Kalamazoo M. S.R. K. 100. 2 107 L.

R. Mahouing R. -100 3 119 120 Coal R. R. Co.

Mahoning Coal K. R. Ca. 100. 75 C.

P. (preferred) 100 106 108 R. R. 50 158 Cleveland R. R.

50 Valley Cleveland, R. R. Co 30 Lorain Oleveland Wheeling 100 25 Canton R. Cleveland Co. (common) 100.

4 10 R. R. Co: (preferred) 25 26 H. D. 100 101 D.

100 95 STREET RAILROAD CONDS.East Woodland Cleveland R. R. Co. 50: -180 100 Avenue Cler'd Sido Co. 100 150: 175.

West City Cablo R. Clev'd City. Cable R. 100 15 Co. preferred R.

100 91 1 Newburg R. R. 100 200 Brooklyn Line R. R. Cot 104 3 Street R.

City cable R. Co: 100. 30 Denver Grund, 100. 25 30 IRON MINING STOCKS. Republio Cleveland iron iron company.

Co 25 1.00! Lake P'ittsburg Superior Lake iron 1.00; 1.00 62. 18 883 Angeline Jackson iron 25. 2.00 125 iron 5.00 100 110 135 Milwaukeo irou company! 25 5.00 100 110 iron 1.00 9 Chapin Minnesota mining iron, compn'y. 25 1.25 25. 33 Chandler iron compuny 100 90 Chicago company 40 Minn.

ore Con -100 100 MISCLELANEOUS STOCKS. Cleveland electric light Brush 100 100 110 electric company 50 45 Brush lighting Union steel power screw 100 40 GO arid Walker 100 125 165 mtg. company 100 80 100 Cleveland driving park com 1000 6 700 SO) BONDS. L. M.

S. R. R. div-! idend 7s A. 0.

1859. Cousol coupon firsts J. Consol reg. firsts J. J.

1000 125 126 J.19........... Consol coupon seconds). 1000 126 de Consol D. reg. 103 seconds 1000 127 D.

Mahoning, 1943 coal R. 1000 firsts Cloveland 58 J. J. 1934. 1000 Malioningl R.

R. Co. 5 per cent. 105 Third Second 'mortgage, 100 mortgage, 7s, Valleyrailway first mort- 10001 Consol gage, 53, J. 1906.1 1100 123 125 mortgage, be, M.

L. 10001 3 100 101 79, A 0.1 1st. Cleveland 1898........ Canton, 1000. 113 115 J.

58, 1917......... 1000 Brooklyn Clorcland city live, cable rail- 1000 .100 1 way 59.......... 1000 Denver city cable railway Street railway 68......... G.R., 1000. .100.

de, 1911.. 1000 3 100 C. A.Bridge 7s, 63, M. 1000. 100 100 1921.....

T. 1000l 3 101 R. R. F. T.

1st Ta. 1905. 10004 120 120 R. R. F.

A. II. 2d V. 73, 1900......... consol 3s, 1000 110 M.

I. V. T. gen: mort- .1000 172. 73 Lakeview gold cemetery 3 18, 14.

60 Lakeview cemetery Distillers' we. 60 and cattle feeders' 12 GRAIN AND NOT. 9. Trading in wheat at Chicago was light and market. dull.

There no special news from outside and business was limited, both local and outside account. There was May some buying of December and selling for of by some parties, but this necessarily was any special significance. However, with prominent local trader has been credited past being A free buyer for December the hinted. few The days and manipulation tray again than' a yesterday's closing, Wag about lower opening casier, and to and lower closed lower for Deruled advanced figures of yesterday. for European May than market closing advices failed- to give ment to holders.

-It any encouragemated that is estiwheat will show an increase visible of about. supply 750,000 of the that bushels. some to 1,000,000 Chicago parties It was reported down northwest: another large At the quantity wheat from intended bringing close of 'change it taken rumored that cargo of had been at. New York for shipment to the south France. The closing prices, market was dull opened and at: yesterday's varying barely to up to 12 inactive, when prices a prominent: December local and speculator purchased freely shorts covering.

prices 'advanced higher than yesterday. quotations were Final April $14.95: May at 811.90@15.00 Ang Sept -spot was stronger, fair demand; fair cargoes at was stronger; "fair at at Muscarado test off do gro test at. fairly: Active; tioners' A at staudard A at A nold. A extra cut ulated loaf crushed THe; powdered or whitt extra a nal; 600 cubes Molasses Foreign nomitest at 30c. New open kettle good to fancy, now, old 230460 Japau Rico-Firna fairly active.

domestio at 432 CINCINNATI, Nov. -9; -Was in fair hard refined at (a New loaf yellow at hard Tc. granulated. Nov. 0-Sugar-Cuba centrifugal: nolarizing test 143 Od per cwt and 12g gd for Mus.

cavado fair refining nfloat. alated CHICAGD, go: Nov. -Sugar-Cut lost gran73 standard at 190. BALTIMORE, Nor. -Firm; rio fair 'HIGHWINES.

1.135 Ubls CINCINNATI. Nov. -Firm; sales of distillers' finished goods on basis of Sr. Loots. Nor.

at $1.02 goods "CHICAGO, on a basis of 0. -Whisky- Distillers' finished $1.02 and New closed YoRK. Nov 9 Petroleum opened- weak steady, lowest Stock exchange- closing Opened highest Consolidated exchange Opening hisbest $1.11: lowcet closing Total sales 823,000 bhis: OIL highest. CriT. Nov.

9. -N: T. certfaopened at Sales 575,000 lowest. at closed. Lbla clearances 21,252 charters buls; shipta 57.321.

bbls: rung 40,364 bbls. closed BRADFORD. Nov. T. certfs openel clearances 1,110,000 highest at closed Nor.

9-N. T. cortis ovened highest lowest ket active, irergular and weaker. TITUSVILLE. -Nov.

T. certfa ovened at highest lowest closed at 5 LONDON. Nor. at 5 9-10 11-16d per gallon; spirits per gallon. LIVERPOOL, Nov.

at per gallon; spirits 323 Cd per cwt. PHILADELPITA, Nov. firm; abel test in bbla 7 2-100. inc paid and sellers. OIL CITY.

Nov. by William of snics today, to 81.09½; opened closed at PITTSBURG, Nor. not: sostrong; market opened at deolined to and at noon was bid. TURPENTINE AND dull; New York. Nor.

9. Cottonseed oil--Market crude at ca off grados yellow pkgs, at as to quality. Tallow-Strong; pity, $2 out of town to strictly choico4 Resin-Steady, fair demand; cowmon to good strained at Turpentine--Market steady. quiet nt LONDON. Nor.

Petersburg tallow candlo 383 6d per. cut. Caloutta linseed438 17s 9d por qtr. Linseed quoted per ton. Turpentino-Spirits 35a Gd per cwt.

Linsced oil 3al per curt. ResinCommon 48 per pale 49 3d Sperro oil Whale oil 23 per ton. LIVERPOOL. Nov. P.

American fine Lad per prime city 26s. Gdr Linseed oil- 2 6d per cwt. Resin--Common 4s td per cwt. Turpentine- Spirits 353 6d per curt. mand and at Nov.

Linseed oil-La fair deWILMINGTON, Nor. and nominal. Nov. Quiet at nothing doing. Sr.

Louis, Nor. oil- On lerca $12.00 per ton; on track $12.50 per ton. SAY Nov. Turpentine -Quiet at METALS. lake Nor $12.10:0.

M. -Market a strong NEW YORK, Nor. dull; Tin--The Inarket had Nor at upward $20.20. tendency straights, at Pig iron-Market was firm. active; Soutoh $20 21.25; American at $16.006 18.50.

ST. Louis. Nor. Improved demand; chemical hard at 53.05; Missouri saleablo at $3.00: common at and. rofined No.

2 at $3.65. LONDON, Nov. silver per oz. NEW YORE. Nor.

-Bar silver FARMYARD AND NAY active; YORK. Nov. firm, fairly: Elgins DE dairy western croamery at 13020; western held at 124919c; western factory at Cheese- The market was quiet; western at 10c; Ohio factory dat light skiras Eggs--Fine fresh stondy; western at 1,501 limed 18c, ico houso 2vc. Rects, pkgs. PHILADELPHIA.

Nov. -Market firm; graded frosh creamery was in fuir demand; Pennsylvania creainery extras quoted 2c; do prints extra Eggs Frost stock scarce and firm; P'ennsylvania frats at Cheese Quiet arid 'steady; part skiaus full skims: at CHICAGO. Nov. the produce exchange: Butter--Market was active; fancy creamat 25c; choico to fino fine dairy fair to good. Eggs--Firm; freed Western packal at 1300100; creamery fancy at BALTIMORE.

Nov. -Butter -Quiot and firmer: 2c: best roll Eggs Firm; western os near by at ico house at 12 LIVERPOOL. Nor: States 828 per, curt; gond 65g Id. CheeseAmerican finost white and colored 52s 1 per curt. ST.

Lours, Nor. was quiet; creamery at dairy. at. Eggsdemand at for. good.

Additional Markets' Sec Another The ClevelandProvisionCo. PORK PACKERS, And Curers of. Extra Sugar Cured Hams and fast Bacon: Also Slaughtorors and Wholosale Dealers in DRESSED BEEF AND MUTTON. 142 and 141 Ontarior at and Branch Store, Corner of Bolirar and Shoritf ats. CLEVELAND, 0.

J. PITTS. Telephone 355. V. A.

REILARK. J. J. PITTS 62 PROSPECT 4,000 BARRELS APPLES, All Varieties in Lots to Suit Purchasers. The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Postmasters and others acting amagents for the circulation of the PLAIN DEALER may retain 10 cent. on all subscriptions to the Daily and TriWeokly and 15 per cent. on subscriptions to the Weekly. Change of Address will be made promptly, but requests must give the FROM as well as the one TO which such chaugo is desired, in order to recoive attention. Specimen copies sent free.

Give address in full; including county and state. Remit by draft, postoffice order, postal note or registered letter. Address PLAIN DEALER Cleveland, 0. "OFFICES: CITT-101 Temple Court. WASHINGTON, D.

U. Room 8, Oucidental THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER can be obtained in the Neil House. CINCINNATI-At the Grand Hotel Nows Stand. CHICAGO-At the Grand and Palmer House News Stands, PITTSBURG-At the Monongahela llouse News Stand. Freeland.

MARION-At the Marion of TOLEDO--At the Buruett House and Doody House Nows Stands. and at Brentano's, on No. 1015 Pennsylvania avenue. WASHINGTON-At Willard's Hotel News Stand WHEELING, W. Va.

-At the McClure louse News Staud. Central BUFFALO, Depot. N. OF News Stand Now. York SAN FRANCISCO -Palace Ilotel Newa Stand.

I. 0. Huntington, 0. Hamilton and F. Wetterer.

THR NET PLAIN YORK-At DEALER cau Brentano'8, No. 5 Union Square. be found on filo at NEW YORK-At George P. Rowell News paper Advertising Agency, No, 10 Spruce strect, and at the Metropolitan and Fifth Avenue Hotels. the Girard louse.

BOSTON-At the Hotel Vondome. CHICAGO At the Grand Pacific and Tremont House. ST. LOUIS-At the Southern Hotel. NEW ORLEANS TAt the St.

Charles LONDON-American Exchange. in 449 Straud, Charing Cross, merican Exchange in Paris, 35 Boulevard des Cupucines. BERLIN-American Exchange in 15 Unter den Linden. subscribers to the MORNING PLAIN DEALER who do not receive their papers regularly. ou the day of publication, whero is possible- for the papers to reach thom on that day, will obligo by notifying us promptly of tho 4 24 st.

TRAVELERS' REGISTER. 3 Trains on all roads run on Standard time, which is minutes slowor than BALL'S CITY TIME. From Cleveland Union -Station, ennsylvania lines. Cleveland Pittsburgh Trains run by Cleveland Standard Leave for Pitts-) 4. burgh, Baltimore, Eastern E'xpress 8 a.

m. adelphia Washington, and Phil- New Fast Atlantic. Express, 1:05 m. York. Line, p.

6:35 Arrive p. m. from the Last, 5:25 a. 12:50 p. Leave for Wheeling and Bellaire: a.

1:05 Bellaire. 12:50 p. p. 6:35 p. arrive m8, from Wheeling wud Leave for Alliance, 3:25 p.m.

arrive from Ali auce, 4:10 m. Leave for Ravenna, 5 p. arrive from RAvenna, 8:25 daily; other. trains, except Sunday: Saturdays. LAKE SHORE MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILWAY.

Trains Going East. Arrive. f. Depart. No.

No, 4 F'aut Limited 03 00 A A 6 N. Y. and Burton Ex. 35 40 No. Atlantic 10 A $8 35.

No. 26 Elyria Accommodat' 45 No. No. 24 18 Buffalo Southwestern 10 A 05 No. 12 N.

Boston Ex 00 Limited No. 14, N. Y. Fast 6 No. 2 Night 19 35 19 55 No.

26 Conncaut Accomm' 14 25 Nottingham 15 8 10. Nottiugham Sunday PM Train doing West. Arrive. Depart. No.

1 Fast Limitod Expross 20 A 20 A No. 19 Southwestern -12 00 No. 3 Chicago 15 30 45 No No. 5 21 Toledo Louis Express 60 St. Express.

40 A 47 A No. 9 P'acific Express. 25 50 No. 31 Elyria Accommodat'n 30. Li Conneant 19 05 A Sunday, Monday.


No. 19 Ind. St. Louis Ex 25 No. 3 Columbus, Cin.

Ind. Express.23 Lorain Wheeling 660 No 5 Ind. St. L. Ex.

Limit'd 55. No. No. 11 Ind. St.

Louis 45 1 27 CoL, Massillon Uhrichsville Ex 4 15 No. 9 Columbus Cincinnati 8.00 00 4. Arrive No. 8 Cincuati Columbus No. 26 Chiabsville Massillon- 10 20.

A at 12 Ind. St. Louis 50 No. 24 Wheeling 20 No. 2 Ind.

40 No. 18 Bud. St. L. Limited.

Departures from South Water street station five minutes later and arrivals fire minntr earlier than above. to and from Uhrichsrillo. all other trains Daily except Sunday, ERIK RAILWAY. (Depot-South Wator street and Viadnet. Depart.

No. No. 62 A 16 00. No. 64 Co Fast Diantua Pittsburg Accommodation 00 No.

T2 TU New Pittshurg York and Pittsburg Express 10 A No. Youngstown, Pittsburg and Jamestown No. 68 New York Vestibule 25 Arrive, No. 61 Now York and P'ittsburg Express 15 No. Mahoniux Valloy Express 10 No.

No. 45 New York Vestibule Limited. 05 67 Pittsburg No. 63 New York and Pittsburg Express, 50 69 Fast Pittsburg Express 18 65 No. 73 Mantua 2 except Sunday.

CI.E CELAND. PITTSBURG. Arrive. New Express 1250 800-Ax. New York 635 05 Alliance 10 A 325 Ravenna 500 Night Express A 10 All other trains daily except Sunday.

N. T. C. ST. K.

R. CO. Eastward. Arrive. 1: Depart.

Buffalo 10 40 A 10 45 Chicago 920 Local 4.0 ward. Arrive. 1 Departs Chicago passenger. 630 A Fostoria 5 00 511 PN Local frought 300 :5.50 A River Luelid Bank. A Depart: 7:10 a.

1:40 Ac--Depart 6:20 a. 4:55 1. All trains daily exoept Sunday, DETROIT AND CLAVELAND STRAN NAVIGATION CO. and wharf 23 River st. Arrive.

Detroit Steamer. 00 A I. 110 00 X. For Lake exerpt Sunday. except Monday.

and Huron ports tako Tuesday, Thursday Friday steamer. MT. VERNON PANHANDLE Depart. Arrive, Akron, Cot. Cin.

Cin. 810 A 6 040 Akron. Col. Night Ex. 00 00 Columbus Zanesvillo 105 12 50 Orville Cleveland Accom.1 325 9 40 A Pullman palace sleepers attached.

CLEVELAND, LORAIN WARMING. 4 W. Express 6 63 No. 2 press 10 50 A Depart. No.

I W. C. 645 A No.3 Cleveland Esprees 4 15 VALLEY RAILWAY. Deport. Arrivo.

Valley Junction A 31 25 Marietta 15 A 12 Valley Junction 15 M. -10 25 Cleveland Canton Express) 11 05 Mi 18 20 A except Suolay. at foot of South Water CLEVELAND CANTON. RAILRUAI (Standard Gauge.) Depart forVanesville and Coshocton, 6:50 a. 3:00 p.

th. Canton, 6:50 a. 3:00 p. 6:20 p. In.

Kent. 0:50 a. 3:00 p. 6:20 10. Bedford, 6:50 a.

10., 11:10 a. 1:30 p. 3:00 4:10 p. 111. $5:4 p.

p. 10:35 Newburg, 0:15 a. 6:50 a. 11:10 A. 1:30 3:30 p.

10., 4:40 p. p. 6:20 p. p. m.

Canton ant intermediate stations (Sundays only), 8:00 a. 4:20 p. m. Arrive fromZanesvillo and Coelooton, 10:30 a. 6:30 p.

m. Canton, 10:39) a. 2:45 p. 6:30 p. m.

Kent, a. 10:30 a. 2:85 p. 6:30 m. Bedford, 6:00 a.

$8:10 a.m., 10:30 n. 1:05 2:85 p. 4:15 p. 6:301 p. 7:10 p.

10. 6:00 7:15 8:10 a. 10:30 1:00 p. 2:35 p. 4:15 p.

6:30 p. p. In. Canton, and intermediate stations (Sundays 9:15 a. 6:30 p.

In. Traing murked run daily. OCEAN STEAMERS. Campagnie Generale Transatlautique FRENCHI LINE TO HAVRE. The Mail Steamers of this company, between York and Havre, will sail from pier 42, N.

foot of Morton street, EVERY SATURDAY. Travelers by this line avoid both transit by En. railway and the discomfort of ornering the Channel in a small boat, special trains leaving the duck at llavro direct for Paris on airof steamers. Baggago chocked at Now direct through to l'aris. Champague, Boyer.

Saturday, Nor. 9, 6 a. m. Bourgogne, Frangeut, Saturday, Nov. 14, 10:30 Gascogne, Santelli, Saturday, Nov.

23, 4130 IN. Brotugne, de Joussolin, Saturday, Nov. 30, in. PRICES OF PASSAGE, including wines: HAVRE -First Cabin. $100 and $30.

Second so0; Storage from. Now York to Havre, Etcerago from New York to Paris, inwine, budding and utensils. Return tickets at reduced rates, passage or freight apply to- A. FORGET. General Agent.

Bowling Green, foot of Brodway, N. Y. KINNEK, 135 Superior Cleveland. 0. HENRY LEWIS.

325 Suporior st. WAGNER 175 and 180 Superior st. T. F. NEWMAN 224 Bank st.


Cabin to according location of Excursion to 590. Steerage to and from Europo at lowest AUSTIN BALDWIN Genoral. Agont, F3 Broadway, New York HENRY LEWIS. No. 325 Superior st: T.

FISK. 189 Superior st. A. J. 106 Public squaro.

P. W. WARD. No. 212 Bank st.

J. C. WAGNER 178 Superior st. Agents at Cloroland: to CHA 1 p. p.

10:35 p. p. 7:10 only) New glib rival York Las La: TO Cabin, cluding For J. M. J.


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